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#140 conference [exploring the state of Now!]

I was lucky enough to attend the first #140conf [140 Characters Conference] at the O2 Indigo, organised by technology pioneer turned business angel Jeff Pulver.  The event brought together about 300 people from across Europe to discuss …more –> how the micro-blogging application Twitter™ is changing the way individuals and businesses communicate.

Refreshingly the conference, billed as an exploration of the State of Now – a reflection of the immediacy of information exchange that Twitter enables – wasn’t a series of lectures from self-appointed experts, but an opportunity to hear stories of how Twitter has delivered results for both individuals and businesses, as well as a series of panel discussions on things as diverse as social media in Education, Law Enforcement and the music industry.

There is talk of the establishment of a #140 characters meet up group in London.  If you are interested in social media, and fancy discussing it over a beer or two every couple of months, then watch this space for more information.

Lyndon Johnson