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AdTheorent® Partners with Civolution to Release Market’s First Media Mix Correlation Study for Brands

Mobile Ad Network Measures Direct Relationship between TV, Digital, Social and Mobile Ads to Drive Results and Inform Spend

April 8, 2014 – New York, NY — AdTheorent, Inc., the largest 2nd generation mobile ad network, and Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing media content, today announced a partnership in which AdTheorent will use Civolution’s real-time TV monitoring network to track TV  frequency for brands.  As a result of this partnership, AdTheorent is launching a first-to-market Media Mix Correlation Study for its brand and agency clients, providing them a full view of advertising performance and correlation across TV, digital, social and mobile, in real-time.

The mobile landscape is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly fragmented. Currently,  more than 37 percent of American consumers own three devices (a tablet, smartphone and laptop) and 86 percent of consumers multitask while watching television at home.1  Further, research shows that cross-device advertising yields results —  there is a 72 percent increase in purchase intent from cross-screen advertising views and 93 percent brand recall for those exposed to cross-screen advertising versus 55 percent for those that were exposed solely to TV ads.2  Results from AdTheorent’s initial Media Mix Correlation Studies prove this trend.  For example, Media Mix data for a large Consumer Electronics brand showed higher click-through-rates (1.20%) on days when TV spots ran. When TV ads increased in frequency, there was nearly a 60 percent possibility that CTR would increase. By analyzing the relationship between mobile engagement and TV, brands are better equipped to establish a cross-screen strategy across multiple channels.

“The fact that the number of cross-screen viewers continues to grow as does the amount of multi-tasking while viewing TV presents both an opportunity and a challenge for marketers,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and Co-Founder of AdTheorent.  “We are pleased that our partnership with Civolution allows us to offer real-time cross-screen analysis for our clients.   For many of the brands we have studied, we observed a strong correlation between the frequency of TV advertising and mobile engagement, and the analysis of the data we collect will help brands better establish a strategy across the two channels and better define their future media buying decisions.”

Through Civolution’s SyncNow TV ad monitoring and signals, AdTheorent can capture a brand’s cable and broadcast TV ad frequency – down to the product level – and view all TV commercial spots that the brand is airing in real time. The Civolution data fed to AdTheorent’s predictive targeting technology includes the time stamp, channel on which the commercial aired, and city-level geographic information.  This is combined with AdTheorent’s TraktionTM software, which provides insights into post-click and view activities across the desktop, mobile and tablet environments. Using TraktionTM, the data from Civolution, as well as brand and product Twitter chatter, AdTheorent can offer critical analysis regarding the correlation between media types and engagement tactics, identifying the most effective media mix for brands.

“We are thrilled to partner with AdTheorent to provide them Civolution’s TV analytics.  Our platform identifies more than half a million advertisements per day and can deliver them in real-time as part of a value-added signal,” said Alex Terpstra, CEO of Civolution. “AdTheorent’s Media Mix Correlation Study brings huge value add for brands, ensuring that mobile channels are in sync with TV, and allowing brands to learn from the data to drive results.”