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Antennagate – a lesson in crisis management

A Gizmodo report on Apple’s response to the much reported reception problems of its new iPhone 4 at a press conference last Friday got me thinking aboutmy early PR schooling.  Gizmodo [and others] sum up Apple’s defence as follows:

·         Life Sucks

·         Everything Is Just Great

·         We Made a Little Mistake, We’re Being Exploited, But Now Everything Is Fixed

·         It’s a Little Problem

Now I know it’s a few years since I did a crisis management 101, but I seem to remember it went something like this:

·         Apologise

·         Take responsibility

·         Promise to investigate the problem [or report on the cause of it] and fix it

·         Apologise again [and ensure that it won’t happen again]

Oh, to use the words of Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, one more thing… Mr Jobs’ claim that the problem had been blown out of all proportion simply doesn’t stack up for me.  The way I see it, had Apple been proactive and adopted the four basic principles of crisis management they could have killed the story early on.