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Astro Deploys Genius Digital Insight Platform and Data Science Team


London, 23rd March, 2016: Genius Digital, the GfK subsidiary and experts in audience analytics and targeting, today announces that it has been deployed by leading Malaysian media broadcaster, Astro to provide real-time audience behaviour data to enable the operator to deliver more compelling and profitable TV services. Astro is the first Asian service provider to adopt Genius Digital’s Insight Platform to capture, analyse and apply viewer data across an array of platforms and devices.

The Genius Digital Insight Platform and the company’s data science team have facilitated Astro with solutions for areas such as:


  • Thematic content strategy for VoD
  • Gaining insights from content consumption on the Astro on the Go multiscreen service.
  • Provide data derived insights so that Astro can design strategies to drive an increase in numbers of connected set-top boxes
  • Optimising take-up of Astro’s new OD on-demand service.


Astro is the leading integrated consumer media entertainment group in Malaysia and South East Asia, delivering more than 180 TV channels to its customer base of 4.7 million households via direct-to-home satellite TV, IPTV and OTT platforms.

The deployment with Astro marks the fourth continent that Genius Digital is operating in, having already rolled out services with Tier 1 clients in the Middle East and North America, as well as with clients on mainland Europe and Russia.

“We’re delighted with the work we’ve done with Astro. It is a great validation of the Genius Digital model, which combines world leading technology that helps operators to access their data, and the data science know-how to help them to properly act on it” says Tom Weiss, CEO of Genius Digital.

Weiss continues, “In an era where viewers have greater content choices than ever, it is imperative for TV providers to understand how their audience is interacting and engaging with their services. If they don’t, they risk losing out to those that do,” said Tom Weiss, CEO, Genius Digital. “By providing Astro with a true understanding of audience activity, we are arming the company with the tools they need to continue to grow a successful and profitable TV business in a highly competitive TV market.”

The Genius Digital Insight Platform provides a deeper understanding of audience activity from any platform and device, across linear, on-demand or hybrid services, in real-time. By taking data from subscribers and developing ways to act upon it, broadcasters and operators are equipped with the answers they need to help build more compelling services, enter content deals with real viewer data, and build offerings, such as OTT and VoD services, based on actual audience activity.





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Genius Digital turns data into actions so TV operators can build more compelling and profitable services. We help TV, Cable, Satellite and OTT service providers gain a deep understanding of real-time audience activity across any platform and device. With our Insight Platform, TV providers can build, test and adapt compelling new services to delight their subscribers. Genius Digital became an independent subsidiary of GfK, a leading market research company, in 2014.

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