Back to where it all began…

Andrei Philip Iacob on re-joining Platform as an Account Director

It feels good to finally say this… I’m back! After some years away, four and a half to be precise, I’ve re-joined the amazing team at Platform Comms as an Account Director.

It’s a move that brings back many memories, having secured my first break in PR right here as a young up-and-coming Junior Account Executive in 2016. It was then that I first learned about the key role communications agencies play in helping companies communicate their brand narratives, positioning in the market, and reaching the right audiences with the right messages. I found a home in what I most enjoy doing now, which is working with all kinds of stakeholders, from analysts and journalists to industry influencers, to promote our clients’ great work. While I had a clear understanding of most communications practices during my studies, it was here at Platform that I truly learned the importance of well-practiced media relations and how it contributes to the success of a client’s business.

Nothing beats the thrill of playing an active part in helping organisations solve their many business challenges and build continued successes through efficient communications strategies. From generating brand awareness in new regions, strengthening overall competitive positioning, or helping accelerate sales to drive profit, there’s nothing a carefully planned integrated communications strategy can’t help an organisation achieve. I owe this feeling to the support and encouragement offered by the team here to help me step outside of my comfort zone and push the boundaries of what can be achieved for clients.

This is exactly what makes Platform one of the best agencies around. This is a place that was, and still is, filled with some of the industry’s top professionals and experts in all communications disciplines, adept at delivering successful trade shows, devising engaging social media strategies, setting up content marketing plans, putting together media interviews, delivering high-profile analyst relations, and coaching executives on how to communicate their stories to journalists. Platform is trusted by the biggest brand names in technology, media and broadcast, Arts, Culture and Entertainment, and 5G to help them deliver success.

This trust from clients is what makes my return to Platform an exciting one! I’m keen to bring in my renewed sense of energy and focus and play a big role in helping the company continue to go from strength to strength as a leading communications agency across the media and technology sectors in the years to come. I’ll help contribute to, and deepen, some of the relationships that it is famous for, especially in exciting new areas that continue to expand its horizons. I’ll also be part of the brilliant team culture that’s already in place and aim to become a key cog in developing impactful communications programmes that support its ethos of vision, integrity, and punch for 2023.

All that remains to do now is to roll up my sleeves and start to help Platform’s clients solve their business challenges, achieve their goals, and continue to build their brands going forward.

Here’s to the next chapter…