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CES Sees ACCESS Twine Extended to offer Virtual Multiscreen Content Library

The new functionality enables operators deploying ACCESS TwineTM to:

  • Offer a single user interface to their subscribers, allowing them to access operator content and personal media securely on any device
  • Ensure that consumers access content within the operator environment, improving brand loyalty
  • Support advanced next generation advertising models including the possibility to push personalized advertising on every screen and report results

Oberhausen, Germany, 18th December 2014 ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the mobile, beyond-PC and digital TV markets, today announced that it will demonstrate its ACCESS Twine™ multiscreen management platform, which has been extended to offer global search and remote access functionality. The solution helps operators enable consumers to find content across multiple sources via a single user interface, allowing them to access the operator content as well as their personal media library on every device.

“The multiscreen era has brought a wide range of devices into the TV mix, and consumers expect to be able to access the content they love on any screen, wherever it is stored,” commented Dr Neale Foster, COO and Global VP Sales TV, ACCESS Europe. “ACCESS Twine has been extended to ensure that operators can allow subscribers to access all of their content seamlessly via a secure TV Everywhere virtual library, which provides an overview of the content saved on the consumer gateway and storage devices. This brings a whole new level of personalisation to multiscreen while offering ‘studio confident’ delivery as ACCESS Twine complies with the content industry’s stringent security requirements.”

The CES demonstration, hosted at a demo suite in the Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas, will show how ACCESS Twine facilitates video content discovery and playback on mobiles, tablets and operator branded devices such as STBs. The extended solution can be easily integrated with external metadata sources, allowing consumers to find all their content in one place by collating all locally stored libraries on a single platform. The new global search functionality enables operators deploying ACCESS Twine to offer services encompassing traditional broadcast services, IP delivered content and access to personal content, whether recorded on one or more in-home Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), in the cloud via a nPVR, stored on personal Network Attached Storage (NAS) or on tablets and smartphones.

ACCESS Twine™ is a standards-based multiscreen software solution that enables operators in today’s fast moving multiscreen environment to bridge the growing gap between technology and the consumers’ desire for simplicity and universal content across all devices while also meeting the studios’ security demands. ACCESS Twine allows the control, secure distribution and sharing of video content on screens everywhere. It enables consumers to discover Pay TV content and services on a number of devices and provides operators with the ability to monetize multiscreen through advertising insertion and data collection capabilities. ACCESS Twine provides flexible software modules for set-top boxes (STB), digital TVs, home gateways, smartphones and tablets. The solution is available as a client for STBs, mobiles and tablets as well as a home gateway package. The head-end server side components facilitate the control of subscriber rights and can be integrated seamlessly with existing operator infrastructure such as subscriber management, analytics and premium content security systems.