Christmas campaign: demonstrating through research that Paywizard has its finger on the pulse of fundamental developments in over-the-top TV market

  • Goal was an impactful campaign underlining Paywizard’s deep understanding of TV subscriber behavior trends and reaffirming its position as a thought leader
  • Platform managed entire process: devising the questionnaire, managing the field work (liaising with an external research company), analyzing the results and creating a full report with press materials
  • Resulting PR campaign expanded on previous research, providing year-on-year comparisons, as well as more granular insights – while providing content for social media and marketing activities
  • Raised awareness of growth in pay-OTT across the globe during run-up to Christmas – a key period for take-up – while highlighting that customer churn remains a huge risk if subscribers not managed effectively post-holiday season
  • Christmas campaign fed into a phase two: Q1 research initiative focusing on all-new findings that overwhelmingly validated Paywizard’s proposition that positive customer experience and effective subscriber management are fundamental to building a strong and sustainable pay-OTT business

The campaign revolved around a global study that provided insight into the state-of-play of OTT pay-TV, based on a comprehensive survey of consumers in the UK, US, Germany, Brazil, Singapore and Australia.

The survey examined: pay-TV subscribers’ attitudes, particularly those using OTT service, towards use and uptake; their viewing habits at Christmas; their potential to cancel; their reasons for keeping a service; and the relative importance of factors such as content, customer experience and cost in attracting and maintaining subscriptions.

The results demonstrated clearly that demand for OTT services was exploding – with subscriptions nearly doubling in just one year – but close to 60% of new customers planned to cancel within six months.

This underlined the critical importance of providers focusing on better subscriber management, enhancing customer experience and better understanding their consumers – key elements of Paywizard’s offering.

These insights were highlighted to the wider marketplace via a comprehensive press release campaign, as well as marketing emails, social media posts, blogs, infographics, newsletters, by-lined articles and other communications.

Platform Communications Case Study - Paywizard OTT Campaign - Streaming
Platform Communications Case Study - Paywizard OTT Campaign - Small Business

Key outcomes

  • 655 online postings – including 42 directly-placed industry hits
  • Major direct placements included TVB Europe, Digital TV Europe, The Drum, Rapid TV News, Broadcast Beat, Channel News and Small Business
  • Coverage of findings and insights reached an audience of more than 37 million
  • PR campaign supported lead generation, with 173 direct downloads of the report from the Paywizard website and 146 infographic PDF online views

“Platform has clear understanding of our business objectives and worked with us to build a survey that got to the heart of crucial issues impacting our clients and their subscribers. They asked the right questions, did the analysis necessary to gain the right insights and crafted impactful communications. Throughout this campaign, Platform ensured we delivered our findings and key messages to the audiences we needed to reach, enabling Paywizard to demonstrate it understands the marketplace and is on the cutting edge of major trends transforming the pay-TV landscape. With projects such as this, we rely on Platform to help steer our PR and marketing communications in the right direction – using their deep industry knowledge and connections to create content and proof points that resonate with our customers.”