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Exterity Unveils New Gateways and Introduces Digital Signage Reporting Capabilities at NAB Show New York 2019

New York, 30 September 2019 – Exterity, a leading provider of IP video, user experience and digital signage technologies, will once again showcase the latest enhancements to its complete end-to-end product portfolio at this year’s NAB Show New York (Booth #N451, October 16-17 2019 at the Javits Convention Center, New York).

“NAB Show New York offers Exterity a fantastic opportunity to highlight our latest innovations for the US – including products designed specifically to meet the growing needs and changing conditions of the American marketplace,” says Steven Forrest, Sales Director Americas for Exterity. “We’re also debuting a new app that enables organizations to better track and understand what signage content is playing and for how long – allowing them to gather stats that can then be analyzed to support future decisions. Futureproofing their AV investments has become a key aim for many US businesses.”

New products on show at NAB New York include:

  • New ATSC Gateway: Shipping during Q4, the AvediaStream g4440-us Gateway captures live ATSC and Clear QAM TV and radio from over the air and cable sources and streams them across an IP network. With support for 4K and HEVC video streams, the g4440-us provides futureproof IPTV technology. This gateway is designed for the US market and enables organizations to cut the cord and benefit from using an antenna to capture free to air channels using the Exterity ATSC gateway. These can be supplemented with any premium channels from cable or satellite, lowering operational costs for customers and improving system resilience. Its two tuners make it perfect for smaller scale projects, while the g4448-us can be used for larger scale projects.
  • New g4401 Gateway with SRT support: Also shipping in Q4, the new AvediaStream g4401 Gateway supports the input of transport streams delivered by IPTV providers, enabling re-distribution over the LAN. Additionally, two paired gateways enable organizations to deliver live video, such as training sessions, between remote sites over the internet, without the need for costly content delivery networks. As security and reliability are paramount, the gateway uses the SRT protocol, guaranteeing Secure and Reliable Transport of video, with minimal delay, between remote sites for distribution to all the screens in your global Exterity system.
  • New ArtioInsight Reporting App: ArtioInsight® is a new software app that enables organizations to make informed decisions quickly and easily. Organizations can report proof of play statistics for ArtioSign®, Exterity’s digital signage solution, indicating the length of time certain images or videos were displayed over a selected period. This brings a number of use case benefits, for example, providing analysis and reports on marketing and third party advertising campaigns played out across a stadium on match day. For ArtioGuest®, Exterity’s interactive user experience middleware, ArtioInsight enables TV channel and Video on Demand (VoD) viewing statistics to be gathered, showing at a glance which content is popular with viewers and supporting or justifying future content purchase decisions. 
  • ArtioSign Interactive Elements: ArtioSign now offers interactive features, enabling users to update signage screens instantly and with ease using their remote control, to change layouts to hide/show content on the fly as and when they need it rather than scheduling in advance. ArtioSign users can also now manually select a VoD asset or channel and ensure that the right message, such as training material or live news, reaches the right audience at the right time.
  • Pro:Idium support: ArtioGuest now supports Pro:Idiom encrypted TV channels on hospitality TVs, enabling organizations to meet content protection requirements and deliver premium channels across IP networks through the middleware.

Exterity’s solutions are used by corporations, broadcasters, content providers and news agencies of all shapes and sizes, including the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, BBC, Endemol, First Rule Broadcast, Thomson Reuters, NextRadioTV and more.