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FlipTV Deploys Grass Valley Technology for High Quality Mobile Productions

30-foot OB truck outfitted with K2 Dyno S for compelling college sports coverage

Hillsboro, Ore., February 25, 2014 — FlipTV, the Maryland-based provider of mobile TV productions and technical services, has deployed a K2 Dyno® S Replay System with a K2 Summit® 3G Production Client from Grass Valley®inside its 30-foot outside broadcasting (OB) truck, named Captain. The mobile production truck is used to broadcast various college sports, most recently basketball games at American University in Washington, DC. The truck fills a niche in the market by providing a compact footprint that packs the same high quality punch as its larger truck counterparts, but in a more cost-efficient manner.

“A few years ago we identified a gap in the market for smaller production trucks that were powerful enough to be used for college sports, but not as expensive as the larger trucks being used for major league games. That’s why we developed ‘Captain,'” explained Marcelo Capuchinho, Managing Partner, FlipTV. “Our goal is to provide an alternative for regional networks that need a cost effective solution without compromising on quality.”

“Having the right instant replay technology is extremely important in live sports productions, so in choosing a replay system, reliability and creativity were our top priorities,” added Elmar Lamarques, Managing Partner, FlipTV. “K2 Dyno lets us create engaging replays and highlights with ease, simplicity and a short learning curve. Plus, as a truck owner, it’s a big deal for us to tell our clients we work with Grass Valley.”

The Grass Valley K2 Dyno is a total solution that can capture, replay, manage, edit and playout compelling content. Used in tandem with Grass Valley’s flexible K2 media server technology, K2 Dyno can be scaled up for increased capacity, channels, and bandwidth. Additionally, its compact footprint makes it ideal for the OB truck market, especially inside smaller trucks such as Captain.

“Live sports production is a hugely competitive area and is becoming more complex, which is why we designed our K2 Dyno with an easy-to-learn interface,” said Andy Jackson, Senior Vice President of North America, Grass Valley. “With the K2 Dyno, anyone can become conversant in live production replay in a short time period. It can be used for ingest, editing, clip store and replay — which makes it a great value for broadcasters like FlipTV who want high-end quality productions without a hefty price tag.”