GLOBO Launches New All-IP Exhibition Centre Based on Grass Valley’s IP Routing and Signal Processing Technologies

MONTREAL – 8:00 EST September 4, 2019 – Grass Valley has delivered a range of IP solutions for the new TV Globo Exhibition center in São Paulo, Brazil, where a brand new facility was built around an all-IP infrastructure for broadcasting of the two main Globo channels – covering the city and the State of Sao Paulo. This is the largest Grass Valley IP deployment in Brazil, which simplifies operations and provides greater scalability.

Globo adopted a Spine and Leaf topology and relies on Grass Valley’s Orbit Monitoring and Control for orchestration of the complete solution, including all gateways, GV Masterpiece IP Master Control SwitcherGV MV-820 IP Multiviewer and third-party IP devices, leveraging full interoperability of the IP standards. The end-to-end IP solution, based on the ST2110 standard, also includes Cisco Switches and Tektronix Master Sync Generators; the system was deployed and will be fully supported by Grass Valley.

Grass Valley’s Masterpiece IP Master Control Switcher was selected by Globo because it is based on IP and was able to fully integrate with the infrastructure designed for the project. The switcher is a powerful master control that can support multiple formats; channel branding and multichannel video program distribution; and dynamic visual effects. The system also includes flexible audio capabilities and eliminates the need for external conversion.  The small and compact MV-820-IP Multiviewer provides a high-density I/O and is the only multiviewer to offer 48 IP inputs and 12 IP outputs in a 2 RU chassis.

The vendor selection process started early last year, and after several evaluation steps, including on-site and factory proof of concept tasks, Grass Valley became the selected vendor. The on-site project deployment was concluded in record time and the system promoted to air in June 2019.

“Throughout this project I have been impressed with the commitment from both the Grass Valley and Globo teams. Their efforts made it possible to carry out the design, integration and delivery of the project in just eight months; a very challenging period considering it is a new technology deployment and there were a number of integrations to be installed across the workflow” said Jorge Barrozo, project manager, TV Globo.

Globo has also deployed Grass Valley user configurable multichannel video-over-IP transceiver IQUCP25; the IPEDGE-SRV-D IP Routing Controller; and the flexible, dedicated control panel Luna.

“In response to consumer demand for higher resolution content delivered across more platforms, making the move from SDI to IP delivers a flexible and future-ready infrastructure that can adapt and scale as needed,” said Nahuel Villegas, vice president, Caribbean and Latin America, Grass Valley. “Drawing on our established relationship with Globo, we are delighted that we were approached to help them make the transition to IP for their new facility. This Project is a great example of how Grass Valley has been working closely with customers in the LATAM region to deliver solutions that help them build a successful media business.”