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Goal!!! Civolution Offers Live Contextual Ad Placement During the World Cup

Civolution’s SyncNow Ads empowers contextual multi-screen advertising during live matches

New York, U.S.A., May 19, 2014 – Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content, today announced that its award winning SyncNow® Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and real-time Ads platform has been extended to offer TV synced contextual multi-screen advertising during live matches during the football World Cup starting June 12th. For the first time advertisers can programmatically place digital advertisements simultaneously when key events are happening on TV.

At the start or end of a game, during half time or when a team scores a goal, the SyncNow platform immediately sends a signal to programmatic bidding platforms to deliver targeted and contextually relevant ads on viewers’ smartphones, laptops or tablets. These ads run instantly when the event happens on TV.

This new solution enables advertisers to ‘own’ crucial moments during World Cup football matches, and thereby engage in real time with their target audiences at scale across the most visited social media sites, mobile apps and websites. The live event triggers solution comes as an extension to Civolution’s SyncNow TV-synced Ads product, which enables real-time multi-platform synced advertising. SyncNow TV-synced Ads is used today by many advertisers across North America and Europe to amplify the advertiser’s message, improve brand exposure, and ultimately increase ROI on ad spend.

Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution, commented: “At a time when advertising budgets are shifting from TV to digital, and real-time context is getting increasingly important to advertisers, SyncNow Ads offers a solution enabling TV and digital to leverage each other’s natural strengths. At the same time, live event ad triggers offer a wealth of creative opportunity for advertisers to adjust their brand message to their targeted audience at the right moment in the right context.”

Using SyncNow ACR and TV synced contextual ads from Civolution to automatically place digital advertisements at the moment a key event is occurring, advertisers can dramatically amplify their brand exposure and awareness. Civolution automatically identifies key moment during live events in real-time. Upon detection, the system sends signals to the agency’s programmatic bidding platforms, enabling them to bid for inventory on social, mobile and online. Within seconds of the event, a digital ad appears on the target audience’s laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There is no need for a special app or consumer intervention as everything happens server-side and scales infinitely; the only limit is the advertiser’s own ambitions.