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It’s business, not show business

That was certainly the mood at the NAB Show ( this week.

While previous shows have been dominated by launches of hot new technologies for HD, 3D, on demand and multiscreen TV, the top topics at this years’ Las Vegas TV fest were business focused like content management, monetizing consumer expectations and services.

End to end solutions went beyond the usual marketing positioning to really show how media can be managed, protected and delivered throughout content lifecycle and the stand out booths were those showing their capabilities for complete solutions. I couldn’t help feeling worried for the future of those more traditional ‘catalog’ style vendors whose products (and marketing) look 10 years (and more) out of date. “Those boxes have too many buttons” a colleague commented – not good when the decisions are being made more and more by the CMO/CFO/CEO – there were certainly more suits than sandals at this event. Not to say there wasn’t any cool tech, of course there was, it is NAB after all. It was just that a lot of the cool stuff was tucked away in private, invitation only rooms at the back of booths – very VIP, very Vegas. I got a chance to look at a few demos and they were ultra cool. But if I told you about them, then I’d have to get my Vegas friends to take you for a ride into the Nevada desert.

Gay Bell

Twitter: gay_platform