Lyon Video Upgrades OB Vans with Grass Valley’s New LDX XtremeSpeed 6X Ultra Slow-Motion Cameras & K2 Dyno Replay System

Pioneering technology of the LDX XS teamed with K2 Dyno provides uncompromised performance and storytelling ability for Lyon’s mobile productions

MONTREAL, April 8, 2014 — For cutting-edge productions within its mobile production fleet, veteran mobile broadcaster Lyon Video has purchased two LDX XtremeSpeed (LDX XS) 6X ultra slow-motion cameras, two XCU XtremeSpeed XF Fiber transmission solutions, and a K2 Dyno Replay System from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand. Introduced at NAB 2014, the powerful new LDX XtremeSpeed camera delivers instant time-to-air capabilities and integrates seamlessly into live workflows with 3X (1080p) and 6X (720p/1080i) speeds for ultimate versatility, including a standard-speed 1X live output. Lyon Video’s LDX XS cameras will be teamed up with the Grass Valley K2 Dyno Replay System with its AnySpeed dynamic playback technology to provide smooth playback at any speed from 0% to 200% and all speed transitions for ultra slow-motion 6X playout. This will dramatically expand the ability of replay operators to tell a compelling story during replays to keep viewers engaged.

Lyon Video provides a range of services including mobile TV production facilities, full service video and film production, production crew services, post-production services, and DVD authoring. The company will install one LDX XS camera and K2 Dyno Replay System into its new LYON-14, which is a 53-foot HD expando truck. The second LDX XS will be used across several of its other trucks.

Company President Bob Lyon explained that Lyon Video first demoed the LDX XS during FOX Sports’ coverage of NHL Hockey, which quickly led to the purchase of two systems.

“The initial camera that we tested was used to follow player action in the rink, and we were immediately impressed with the camera’s capabilities. Even under the indoor lighting conditions of the hockey rink, the LDX XS was powerful enough to capture 6X speed imagery with top-notch results. Another great feature with the LDX XS is that you don’t have to wait for it to transfer clips from an internal in-camera storage device, which is a huge time saver,” said Lyon.

To fully support both ultra (6X) and super (3X) slow-motion operations, Lyon Video also purchased the newly developed high-speed XCU XtremeSpeed XF Fiber transmission system, which utilizes the same XCU cradles as the single-speed range of XCU base stations. Because the XCU’s unique cradle can be pre-mounted and pre-wired in the rack, it can quickly and easily be transferred between Lyon’s numerous OB vans for greater overall usability.

“It was very clear to us that the most integrated replay system we could team the LDX XS with was the K2 Dyno,” said Lyon. “With its ease of use and Dyno’s AnySpeed technology, we get the smoothest 6X playback possible, and the LDX XS’ AnyLightXtreme flicker reduction system means that we don’t get annoying light flicker when used in venues that rely on artificial lighting. Added up, that means great sports coverage for our clients and the fans at home.”

“The LDX XtremeSpeed sets a new industry standard in ultra slow-motion imagery. It delivers groundbreaking technology that takes full advantage of Grass Valley’s expertise in broadcast and live production,” said Mike Cronk, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Grass Valley. “When combined with K2 Dyno and AnySpeed, it brings new storytelling possibilities to replays and highlight reels. We’re so pleased that such an important customer like Lyon Video can harness the power and speed of the LDX XS and K2 Dyno to deliver the absolute best to its client base and generate new revenue streams.”

Grass Valley is exhibiting at NAB in Las Vegas from April 7-10, 2014 on booth SL206 and N2513.