Massive HALO partner solution extends availability of industry’s first Video App Server technology

  • IBC 2016 launch will build on successful 2015 debut of industry leading Massive AXIS UI solution to make Video Apps easier to roll out, dynamically update and manage across any device
  • Massive HALO Video UI solution leverages core Massive technologies in a new product conceived specifically to allow OVPs, System Integrators and others to bring greater user experiences to their solutions and enable their own vertically integrated, multi-device video platforms
  • Combined power of Massive HALO and qualified partners’ preferred technologies will create previously unheard-of opportunities for mid-tier content owner and operator customers to address the growing global consumer demand for subscription and ad-funded video services

London, 28 July 2016 – Massive Interactive today announced the launch of Massive HALO, the industry’s first Video UI server solution designed specifically for Massive partners to bring managed multiscreen video UI, including App editing, delivery and lifecycle management, to market for their mid-tier video operator clients, completing their overall video offering. The new solution will have its public debut at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam (9-13 September), Hall 14: B20.

Massive HALO allows partners including OVPs, System Integrators, cloud-based service providers and others to add multiscreen Video App management to their offering. Massive HALO’s universal server based App Configuration makes Video Apps faster to bring to market and easier to update and manage dynamically across multiple devices after launch. Massive HALO is designed for mid-sized and niche content owners and operators and is based on the successful Massive AXIS platform that powers services for leading national and international operators including Channel 5, Sony Pictures Television, Lionsgate and Bell Media.

“At Massive, we are fundamentally changing the approach to Video App UI deployment and defining our industry’s future. We are moving core UI functions and logic to the server to allow thin, high performance, presentation-based Apps, delivering huge time, cost and tactical advantages to our customers. Thanks to our technology, organizations can for the first time deliver a suite of Apps across all devices where UI presentation, content scheduling, content merchandising and targeting per device is all controlled from a universal management interface,” says Ron Downey, CEO and Co-founder for Massive Interactive. “With Massive HALO, we are taking this industry-changing approach and offering the core benefits of our technology as a flexible product for partners serving both specialist video use cases and wider midmarket clients.”

Massive HALO includes features such as real-time control over presentation, content merchandising and scheduling as a productized solution, avoiding complex and expensive development cycles previously out of the reach of midmarket video service providers. The company’s technology solves the issue faced by video service providers of having to maintain multiple CMS, code bases and parallel development programs to support Video Apps across mobile, web, set-top-boxes, consoles, smart TVs and other emerging devices.

Massive HALO allows technology partners to deliver advanced application lifecycle management features to their respective customers. Massive HALO is integrated with partner technology environments to create pre-baked end-to-end solutions offerings.

“This approach means that Massive HALO technology partners can create offerings to market aimed at their particular customer segment or use case,“ added Ron Downey. “Massive AXIS remains our flagship platform, supporting Tier 1 broadcasters, content owners and operators that demand a greater level of flexibility and granular control over features.”

“The technology behind Massive AXIS and Massive HALO solves the biggest headaches for video service providers,” explains Max Ramsay, CTO for Massive Interactive. “At the basic level, Massive AXIS provides proven Video Apps across all platforms, which we keep current, in terms of latest devices and firmware version. More importantly, our technology brings as much of the application server-side as possible, meaning we have a scalable path to maintaining multiple Apps in market, as our on-device App code footprint is minimal, and functionality resides server-side behind a solid API.”

“The major reason to bring Video Apps server-side is to offer cost and operational advantages to our clients. By having a server-side Video App platform, we can apply our deep understanding of the needs of operators, which extend way past just getting the App to market, to implement product features that product owners need to keep their proposition fresh and relevant in market. This means they can rapidly and tactically react to their market environment through broad level change, driven from the product management console, by themselves, rather than having to refer back to a technology provider for software change, and incur cost, delay and risk.”

Massive HALO and Massive AXIS will both be demonstrated on Massive’s IBC booth – Hall 14:B20.

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About Massive

Massive has created the industry’s first Video App UI Server solution that enables broadcasters, content owners and operators to deliver Video Apps that work on any device, with a common UI experience from a unified management interface. The Massive AXIS platform combines a powerful App management server and repeatedly proven reference Apps to deliver the market’s most innovative product for real-time, multi-device App control; powerful presentation management and content scheduling. Tier 1 organizations like Channel 5, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Television and Bell Media are using Massive AXIS to shape the long-term evolution of their video offerings and minimize their total cost of ownership.

Headquartered in London, with offices in New York, Sydney and Prague, Massive has over 20 years of experience, operating in highly complex environments, across global markets and cultures. In addition to supporting Tier 1 broadcasters, content owners and operators worldwide, the company is also responsible for the inflight entertainment experience for four of the world’s top six airlines.

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