Media iQ and Teletrax unveil Targeted TV-Synced Advertising for Multiscreen

Media iQ has integrated Teletrax’s leading TV Synced Ads solution into AiQ, its powerful analytics platform to offer TV Sync – real-time execution and granular targeting on multiscreen

London, May 6th, 2015 – Teletrax®, a Civolution company and the leading provider of real time TV analytics and TV synced ads, and Media iQ, a global analytics and technology company, providing enterprise and media solutions, today announced that Media iQ has integrated Teletrax’s TV synced advertising technology, to power its TV Sync solution. This powerful new tool – available today – helps brands and agencies generate higher return on investment for their campaigns and provides better insights into the correlation of TV and online spend, helping attribution of budgets.

The new solution combines Teletrax’ TV Synced Ads technology and data platform with Media iQ’s real-time analytics technology platform, AiQ®, to enable advertisers to push an ad on the second screen in sync with what is airing on TV. This improves the performance of each advertising campaign by reaching the right audience on the right screen at the right time. Teletrax data is sent to Media iQ’s proprietary analytics platform AiQ, which layers it with over 500 variables of user-level micro data like IP address, geolocation and postcode, and macro data related to environmental events like social sentiment, weather, oil prices etc. It uses this data to deliver an ad on a mobile/tablet, which synchronizes in real-time with the commercial airing on TV, effectively reaching its target audiences on both screens in mere seconds. By utilizing the combination of TV sync and programmatic, data-driven advertising, advertisers achieve higher brand exposure, better CTRs (Click Through Rates) and higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

The partnership also enables Media iQ to leverage Teletrax’ advertising airing data, a global TV data feed, which is extracted from 2,100 channels in 70 countries. This data is used to create more targeted campaigns against competitors or within specific ad categories. Correlation analysis, competitor analysis and data-driven insights deliver not only attribution but also a basis for tailored online campaigns. Media iQ uses this data in its AiQ platform as one of 200 data sources delivering powerful results, with some synced digital campaigns reaching well over 200 percent uplift in CTR.

“The combination of our rich global ad analytics data and real time TV sync triggers with Media iQ’s sophisticated analytics platform is a powerful tool for agencies and advertisers,“ says Teletrax CEO Alex Terpstra. “This is a great partnership which is already proving its value to advertisers around the world.”

The companies have created a video that captures how TV Sync combined with key data and analytics can provide powerful insights and how this is changing the face of online and offline advertising. See here:

In the video, John Goulding, Head of Product Management, details what Media iQ achieved for a large wildlife not-for-profit organization, using TV Sync. ‘’We have been running this campaign for a long time now, and in October added in TV Sync as a strategy. By syncing with the organization’s TV ads we drove a click-through rate that was five times higher than the campaign average until that point. It was a great use-case of the product because the TV content was so emotive and the digital campaign added a call-to-action element which could leverage the impact of the TV campaign to drive great response.”

Stewart Easterbrook, Chairman at Media iQ, explains how the solution addresses the main TV advertising challenges: “In the TV world, you have two real issues from an advertising perspective. One is that you have to plan your campaign weeks or months in advance, so often they’re not as topical or as current as you’d wish them to be. The other issue is one of measurability.”

“The partnership between Media iQ and Teletrax delivers a product that enhances the traditional television activity and delivers exactly against a second screen opportunity,” continued Easterbrook, quickly followed by Volker Ballueder, VP of Sales EMEA at Teletrax, who expanded on the partnership: “Our unique technology allows us to accurately monitor TV advertising in real-time and share that data with our partner Media iQ. We can trigger adverts based on TV audiences, which then can be matched online, allowing partners like Media iQ to connect the offline to the online audiences. This is a game changer for brands to leverage cross-media strategies like never before.”

According to Ballueder, TV audience targeting will transform the link between TV and Digital advertising, by allowing media buyers to sync offline audiences to online in real-time, attributing TV to the overall media spend. As more brands and agencies come to terms with programmatic media buying, TV synced advertising solutions, such as the partnership between Media iQ and Teletrax, act as the first building block enabling the advent of attributing TV.

For more information on TV synced advertising and how Teletrax is changing the way brands and agencies can reach consumers on their favorite devices, please watch Teletrax’s video introduction to TV synced advertising.