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Moving the Needle for Tvinci

In October 2012, Israel-based Pay-OTT video platform provider Tvinci completed a $4.5million round of investment funding that would enable it to explore new market opportunities and develop its video platform.

When an announcement such as this is to be made, it is vital to spend time clearly defining the right message that will have maximum impact with the media. We worked closely with Tvinci’s senior management to understand not just the immediate facts of the investment, but to identify the strategic messages and news angles that would gain the attention of the media.

“There is always a danger for technology companies to default to talking about their products and not their business. We wanted to make sure that with Tvinci’s announcement we focused on their wider success in and contribution to the nascent market for Pay-OTT TV.  We used proof points like recent deployments, revenue growth, staff expansion, and of course the investment itself. We believed that’s what would get journalists and bloggers excited, and we were right. The results were fabulous and we exceeded Tvinci’s expectations,” said Gay Bell, CEO, Platform PR.

Following a solid campaign of pre-briefing media and blogger interviews, we activated the global distribution of the press release. Coverage was gained in Wall Street Journal, Techcrunch, The Next Web,, Social Times, as well as leading TV technology trade publications, and the Israeli business press.

Within 3 days of the announcement being made, it had gained:

–        88 news articles in trade and business publications

–        727 Tweets

–        An immediate Twitter audience of 61,897 through Tweets from Techcrunch, The Next Web,, and Social Times

–        314 Facebook ‘Likes’

–        887 Business Wire views

Ofer Shayo, CEO and co-founder of Tvinci said: “We have worked with Platform for over two and a half years and they have helped us to build a strong profile. Our thought leadership position was a big factor in securing the new funding and we wanted to ensure that everyone knew about it. The job that Platform did in elevating this news exceeded everything that we had hoped for. The key to this success was in the strategic advice we received – Platform did not just tell us what they thought we wanted to hear. They gave the right advice regarding the messaging and a planned approach to the news delivery. The proof of success is there for all to see – this was a hugely impactful campaign that has really moved the needle and got people talking about us.”

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