NAB 2018: TVU Networks’ Contribution Automation Service Streamlines the Video Content Acquisition Process

At the NAB Show next week, TVU Networks, the global technology and innovation leader in live IP video solutions, will introduce TVU Contribution Automation Solution (TVU CAS), an innovative service which automates planning, resource management, acquisition, transmission and routing, and also features integrated metadata and contribution management. Furthermore, TVU also provides an open API (TVU CASAPI) for acquisition devices, transmission devices, receiving devices and routers as well as news systems to be integrated into TVU CAS. TVU Networks will exhibit at NAB in Las Vegas next week in booth C1707.


As demand increases for more live content for news, sports and entertainment, and fast production process in general, streamlining the live video content acquisition and processing of live video content is becoming a necessity for most media organizations, such as TV stations. TVU CAS is able to have the entire acquisition process planned at story creation stage. The resources, such as people, devices and routing are assigned to story and tasks. In addition, all assignments are pushed to field devices, and the personnel who are involved. It will automatically execute the planned tasks according to the plan. Metadata, such as story slug, and information are automatically captured and associated with the corresponding content without human involvement.


“The existing human-driven content acquisition process is inefficient for the increased demand for production efficiency. TVU CAS addresses today’s production needs because it focuses on people and stories rather than machines and manual process,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “The entire content acquisition process becomes streamlined and more efficient with TVU CAS and allows the focus to shift from a rigid program centric to a flexible story centric workflow.”