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NAB Sees Exterity Add New Octo-TVGateways to Secure Enterprise IPTV Product Portfolio

Exterity demonstrations at the show will enable broadcasters and pro-AV installers to discover:

Fully HDCPv2-compliant portfolio providing advanced security for premium content and new TVgateways able to distribute multiple signals to multiple end points

Atlanta, 03 April 2014 – Exterity (NAB stand SU10507), the leading provider of enterprise IPTV technologies for the secure distribution of live, on-demand and recorded video over IP, today announced that NAB 2014 will see it demonstrate its extended enterprise IPTV portfolio. Exterity will showcase its full support for HDCPv2, and new TVgateways that enable organizations to receive and securely distribute multiple video streams simultaneously. By utilizing these solutions, organizations can increase the number of channels delivered throughout the corporate environment, saving on rack space and providing a cost-effective solution for large scale enterprise IPTV deployments.

NAB will see demonstrations of the latest version of AvediaServer, which enables system administrators to monitor activity across the network and control activities, user access and system performance from a single user interface. AvediaServer provides system administrators with the tools needed to manage IPTV devices and software clients, as well as monitor end point access and content libraries. It includes an array of hardware and software options, making it suitable for IPTV installations, from broadcasters and operators to large multinational corporate environments. AvediaServer 6 includes Artio portal, which facilitates the creation and management of customized TV, VoD, radio and interactive pages and a consistent UI across multiple end points. Exterity has also developed Artio Multiview, a customizable on-screen mosaic to watch multiple streams on a single screen.

In addition, Exterity will also feature its HDCPv2 compliant video over IP product portfolio, encompassing Exterity AvediaStream encoders, TVgateways and AvediaPlayer receivers (set-tops-boxes). This enables system integrators, pro-AV installers and consultants designing and specifying networked video solutions to meet the content protection stipulations coming from the major Hollywood studios for delivering content from source to end point securely over IP.

Additionally, Exterity will demonstrate its new range of TVgateways able to distribute multiple signals from any broadcast source onto the network. The new g44xx series of TVgateways has been designed specifically for businesses requiring a large number of local, national and international channels delivered to viewer’s screens in real time. The new octo-gateways can ingest broadcast streams from 8 multiplexers via 8 tuners in one blade, saving rack space, power consumption and making them more cost effective.

“Organizations are increasingly watching multiple channels at the same time. This increase in consumption places added pressure on enterprise IPTV gateways, which we’ve catered for by developing a new range of gateways that can decode multiple signals in real time,” said Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity. “Exterity gateways can receive signals from many sources. We’ve seen tremendous growth in demand for scalable hardware-based solutions, and we believe the new gateways will provide an effective solution for organisations requiring an IPTV system to distribute a large number of signals.”

“The proliferation of channels in the Americas has led organizations to seek a system that caters for multiple streams at once without compromising on security,” said JD Jones, VP Americas, Exterity. “We are the only vendor to provide a fully secure end-to-end IPTV system that supports HDCPv2, demonstrating its capacity to solve the content security challenge pro-AV installers and organizations face on a daily basis. By enhancing our product portfolio with these new TVgateways, we enable pro-AV system installers to leverage a robust, flexible and future-proofed solution that can fit any business and we’re looking forward to demonstrating this unique solution at NAB.”