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New commercial connections with Connected TV

Connected TV. Is it a device or a service? That’s one of the questions that I am sure will be covered at the Connected TV Summit in London this week. With an eclectic mix of speakers and sponsors, the event brings together players from a variety of markets – content, TV services/platforms, advertising, consumer devices, content protection, interactive TV, and infrastructure technology – a mix which shows the growing number of constituents in the new world of connected entertainment.

The issue is simple, ‘what do consumers want?’ – a new Connected TV device from a consumer electronics company or a Connected TV service, packaged and delivered from a service provider? The answer is tougher, but looking at the way the market is moving, a combination of device and service is looking like the right solution. That brings a whole new set of issues for traditional players in both the device and service camp – and all points in between.

TV connectivity changes the rules of vendor engagement, with consumers, and with each other. Thus, we find people from very different companies and markets sitting together in the same room, working out the same thing – ‘how do we get consumers to pay for this stuff?’ And that means they are going to have to work together. The divide between consumer tech and professional/infrastructure TV technology is ever closing; driven by a commercial imperative for these groups to work together to deliver the TV experience consumers want.

As these groups forge stronger bonds and partnerships, they also need to communicate with each other, build trust and thought leadership amongst their new industry peers. Events like Connect TV Summit are a catalyst for sharing views, addressing challenges and networking. I am delighted to see so many Platform clients involved in the event and looking forward to being there myself.

Gay Bell

twitter: @gay_platform