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Paywizard and Ideal Systems join forces to improve subscriber acquisition and fight churn in APAC

  • Partnership to enhance subscription, billing and CRM for pay-TV and OTT operators in APAC
  • To help turn viewers into loyal subscribers for operators using deep knowledge of individual markets
  • Paywizard and Ideal Systems available for meetings and demos at Broadcast Asia level 5, booth #5D4-02

Singapore, 24 May 2016 – Paywizard, the specialist in subscriber management for pay-TV, today announces its partnership with Ideal Systems, a leading systems integrator in Asia Pacific, to bring advanced subscription, billing and CRM capabilities to pay-TV and OTT operators in APAC. By leveraging Ideal Systems’ reputation across the APAC region for innovation in system integration, Paywizard can better support operators in the region with acquiring, retaining and growing loyal subscribers, using its award winning Agile platform.

Pay-TV and OTT are growing at breakneck speed across Asia Pacific, with pay-TV revenues set to grow by $8 billion between 2015 and 2021 to $40 billion (Digital TV Revenue Forecasts). Yet with competitive forces such as Netflix also entering the region, operators need to urgently figure out how to turn viewers into paying and loyal subscribers. This involves an understanding of why consumers join a TV service, how to keep them consuming content for longer, and how operators can harness this insight to drive ARPU and reduce churn. Paywizard Agile is a proven solution that applies this data to enable operators to deliver a superior customer experience and drive effective marketing across the subscriber journey, and with this collaboration the two companies are better positioned to boost loyalty within the unique and varied Asia Pacific markets.

Fintan McKiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems for South East Asia comments: “It’s very exciting to bring together over 42 years of joint experience to solve the most pressing challenge facing TV service providers today. With the speed that the landscape is changing, operators in Asia Pacific can’t afford to waste time when it comes to improving their relationships with subscribers, through being more targeted, personalised, and responsive. Paywizard has shown enormous commitment to finding what consumers expectations are when it comes to customer service and experience and, with our help, we will make sure that APAC operators are able to reap the rewards of its intuitive and insight-driven platform.”

Ideal Systems will support with APAC sales and implementation of Paywizard Agile, which enables operators to target customers with highly effective acquisition and retention tactics at critical Decision Moments of the subscriber journey (Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave, and Win Back). The Agile platform was upgraded in April 2016 with new marketing and consumer engagement tools, allowing operators to better track customers at different stages of their subscriber journey and build more targeted marketing campaigns.

Jonathan Guthrie, CEO, Paywizard, comments: “Pay-TV is growing at some pace across Asia Pacific and with increased competition in the market operators face a challenge to turn viewers into paying and loyal subscribers. Another challenge is to consider the churn forecasts facing APAC TV service providers over the coming years, entering this market is a natural next step for us. Operators are crying out for technology that is driven by intelligence and capable of better connecting with customers, in the right way and most importantly at the right time. Having delivered over 100 successful projects and acquired more than 10 million subscribers for our clients, our expertise is unrivalled. By capitalising on Ideal Systems’ footprint and expertise in APAC, we can extend this support further and ensure that operators are able to fend off competition from other video services, both now and in the future.”

Ideal Systems and Paywizard will be available for meetings and demos at Broadcast Asia on the Ideal Systems booth #5D4-02. Please get in touch to arrange.


About Paywizard

Paywizard has been supporting subscription-based businesses for over 17 years. Our experience is real. Helping over 100 Pay-TV operators including: ITV, Setanta Sports, BT Sport, and BoxNation.

We know what it takes to acquire, grow and retain paying customers. This insight is deeply embedded in all that we do.

With over ten million customers acquired, our Paywizard Agile Platform delivers advanced subscription, billing and CRM with performance marketing modules.

When combined with our consulting services and expertise, we’ve helped our clients deliver inbound acquisition rates of up to 90%, outbound campaigns driving up to 25% conversions, and churn reduction programmes achieving turn-around figures of up to 60%.

Ultimately we deliver personalised experiences across each customer moment.  The result: happy and engaged customers.

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