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PayWizard powers payments for Curzon Home Cinemas

The MyPayWizard e-Wallet provides simple and easy-to-use payment processing for Curzon viewers

London, 9 September 2014 – PayWizard, the specialists in next generation subscriber management for multiscreen pay-TV, is powering payments for Curzon’s Video on Demand (VOD) service Curzon Home Cinema. As the chosen payment provider for the Curzon Home Cinema service, PayWizard makes it easy for Curzon viewers to pay for the films they want, when they want, across a number of internet connected devices including PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones and selected Samsung connected TVs.

Curzon Home Cinema is available on BT TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Freesat’s Freetime service, allowing viewers to watch the latest cinema releases, as well as a collection of contemporary and classic films, from the comfort of their home. The Curzon Home Cinemas website also provides viewers with exclusive additional content, including curated film seasons, cast and crew bios, and online festivals.

“The way viewers watch content is changing, so it is more important than ever to make sure that they can watch the films they want, and pay for these efficiently and securely via the MyPayWizard e-Wallet,” said Phil Mordecai, Director of Curzon Home Cinema. “We want to ensure that viewers get the same cinema-like experience from the comfort of their own home – but along with some added benefits, and being able to pay for that content quickly and easily, will add tremendously to the consumer experience. The multi-device service PayWizard offers, as well as providing access to extra content, makes the Curzon Home Cinema a powerful VOD offering”.

MyPayWizard is a secure payment solution, allowing customers to make payments of any size whilst supporting a range of flexible payment types. The e-Wallet is just one payment option the company offers through its PayWizard Enterprise solution, which supports 300 payment methods in 100 currencies worldwide. PayWizard Enterprise is an end-to-end platform that provides multiscreen subscriber management, pay-TV platform interoperability, as well as best of breed payment services to enable pay-TV platforms, VOD service providers like Curzon, and cable and MSOs to truly monetize the TV everywhere experience.

“VOD service providers like Curzon are just one of the types of customer we help to overcome the challenges presented by today’s TV everywhere landscape. As more companies deliver services across devices, they need to ensure they deliver an experience that is easy to use, and that making payments are just as simple,” said Jamie Mackinlay, Commercial Director, PayWizard. “The MyPayWizard e-Wallet enables viewers to pay for the content they want, however they like, and all at the click of a button, so whether that’s paying for a movie, adding vouchers or topping up accounts, we ensure that consumers have a quick, easy and pain-free experience”.

PayWizard partnered with Easel TV for design implementation over the site, making the Curzon user experience as seamless as possible.