Platform PR Client Exterity


Exterity, a leading provider of IP video and digital signage technologies, today announced that it has partnered with Penn-Trafford School District, PA, to provide an enhanced digital media experience for its students. Exterity’s integrated IP video and digital signage system has initially been installed throughout the district’s Penn-Trafford High School campus, and will be deployed in all of its schools in a phased rollout.

Serving the western Westmoreland county of Pennsylvania, Penn-Trafford School District enrolls 4,000 students annually across five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The district called for a system that would flexibly deliver educational video content and signage, and support a variety of different sources – including live broadcast TV channels, Video on Demand (VoD) content and video channels from its own in-house TV studio.

“Within ten minutes of the Exterity IP video and digital signage demonstration, we were blown away – it was exactly what we’d been looking for,” commented Steve Vinton, Video Production Teacher at Penn-Trafford High School. “Penn-Trafford is now more than sufficiently equipped for teachers to effectively use video in the classroom and beyond. As a result of the system’s success, we’re looking to expand it further to integrate our emergency messaging protocols to quickly communicate with our entire campus in the event of an incident.”

Exterity CEO Colin Farquhar commented: “Penn-Trafford highlights how the application of IP video and digital signage can extend video communication beyond the classroom and offer a valuable tool for the entire educational community. In an increasingly on-demand world, integrated IP video and signage technology has the ability to engage and inspire younger audiences, while still giving educators the power to effectively manage content.”

The Exterity IP video and digital signage installation at Penn-Trafford School District features:

  • AvediaStream Encoders that broadcast live and pre-recorded video and audio from the school’s TV studio over the IP network
  • AvediaStream TVgateways that capture and relay live TV channels to any of the 80 projectors and 20 displays within classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, central auditorium and common study areas
  • AvediaServer management platform that enables administrators to centrally manage the entire system by easily recording, storing and playing back content,
  • ArtioSign digital signage application on AvediaServer, for creating, managing and scheduling signage content for display on individual and groups of screns, with drag-and-drop ease
  • A digital video library that students and teachers can access on demand