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Platform launches graduate internship programme

We are pleased to welcome our first intern to the Platform team! Chloe Pope is the first graduate to join our newly launched internship programme, which has been set up to introduce bright, young graduates to the world of PR.

During the 12 month programme Chloe will complete a three month stint in each of Platform’s three account groups and finish off with a chance to learn more about the overall running and operations of a PR company.

The new scheme is designed to give each intern the broadest understanding of the company and the industry as well as a chance to interact with all of our clients and learn about the exciting technologies they offer. Our aim is to help young people starting out in the industry to build on their personal strengths and skills, discover areas they thrive and flourish in and to complete the programme with the best possible experiences and opportunities.

Chloe joins us fresh out of University with a first degree honours in Marketing and Advertising from Hertfordshire. Chloe will spend her initial three months in Tracey’s team getting stuck in to all things IBC.