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QYOU and Mediakraft TV partner to launch the QYOU’s first fully localized channel: QYOU Polska

  • A fully localized version of the media company’s 24/7 linear channel, QYOU Polska will feature major Polish YouTube stars
  • The localized channel will first be available via PLAY NOW, the streaming service for Play mobile subscribers.

Dublin/Los Angeles/Toronto 17 October 2017 – QYOU Media (TSXV: QYOU), the world’s leading curator of premium ‘best-of-web’ video for multiscreen distribution, has announced that it has partnered with Mediakraft TV, the Polish subsidiary of leading European multi channel network Mediakraft Networks, to launch QYOU Polska on Play’s over-the-top (OTT) service, PLAY NOW. This is the first time that QYOU’s 24/7 linear feed has been fully localized for a region.

The deal will see The QYOU build a full local-language version of its channel using presenters from Poland and featuring regional content from Mediakraft TV’s stable of entertainers and creators. QYOU Polska will drive new revenue streams for Mediakraft TV’s talent by providing them with access to new sponsors and advertisers, as well as showcasing its digital creators and influencers to a wider audience. Mediakraft TV produces many of most popular YouTube creators and channels in Poland including  Ponki, Topowa Dycha, and Hasztagi.

YouTube is now reported to be the most popular online video service in Poland and issued by 74% of viewers. (Netflix reaches less than 10% of viewers). To tap into this appetite for short-form content among millennial audiences in Poland, Play introduced QYOU’s content to its PLAY NOW multiscreen service last year. PLAY is a consumer-focused mobile network operator in Poland with over 14.5m subscribers as of June 30, 2017. . It’s fast growing OTT content offering, PLAY NOW, has attracted a significant number of subscribers in under 12 months. Beginning in late 2017 the service will feature the Polish-language version of QYOU with specific programming tailored to the Polish market.

“When QYOU first entered in Poland last year it quickly became clear to us that this was a region with huge growth potential, because there’s a strong demand for online video, particularly among younger audiences,” said Curt Marvis, CEO and Co-founder of QYOU Media. “Partnering with Mediakraft TV gives us the opportunity to tap into this appetite and build a channel focused on Poland’s unique and fascinating culture. The rising interest in online video is now driving a greater demand from broadcasters to regionalize content and it’s therefore an offering we expect to replicate in other markets in the coming months.”

“Europe is home to a burgeoning online video creator scene, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been shining a light on some of the most talented creatives in Poland for the better part of five years,” said Ryan Socash, Managing Director of Mediakraft TV. “QYOU understands the importance of developing programming that has a strong local flavor, which is why we’re excited to be partnering with them to further elevate Poland’s vibrant content creator community by providing them with a platform on PLAY NOW.”

QYOU Polska is expected to be available to viewers in November.