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ruwido supports telcos with intuitive TV navigation at Mobile World Congress 2015

Neumarkt, Austria – 2015-02-24 – ruwido will be making its debut at Mobile World Congress 2015, offering telcos an insight into how they can profit from intelligent and intuitive remote control designs. With demonstrations of its award-winning leaf solution available in hall 1, stand 1a40, ruwido will show how well-designed remote controls can transform the TV experience, simplify on-screen navigation and increase customer satisfaction.

While there have been claims that PCs, tablets and mobile phones will replace the traditional TV set in the living room, the current trend is rather to multitask. Watching TV in the home on the big screen is still a popular leisure time activity while using other devices in parallel. This places great importance on the remote control, and for today’s telcos, it is critical to provide a public input device that not only allows seamless TV navigation, but is powerful enough to meet the needs of modern user interfaces.

‘As TV navigation continues to evolve, major players need to think with a user-centric design perspective about the end-to-end ecosystem. Even a fantastic service with brilliant content will struggle if the system is not usable,’ says Ferdinand Maier, CEO, ruwido. ‘We’re excited to make our debut at Mobile World Congress and demonstrate how our powerful input solutions, synchronized with corresponding interfaces, can increase user experience, simplify on-screen navigation and positively support operator’s brands.’

Visitors to the ruwido booth will be able to see first-hand demonstrations of its latest award winning input solution, leaf. Currently the world’s thinnest multimodal input device and winner of one of the prestigious iF Design awards, leaf is an innovative combination of aesthetics and usability, integrating a reduced button layout for intuitive TV navigation. As an additional way for navigation, speech transmission in hifi quality enables the user to search for known content with just a few words. Fully rechargeable, it is among the first remote controls to implement Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to provide increased battery life and the capability for over-the-air updates. The materials used in the manufacturing process, aluminum and carbon, combine their respective strengths to create a product architecture that touches user’s emotions.