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SeaWell Networks, Thomson Video Networks and Civolution Demonstrate Watermarking Solution at 2014 NAB Show

New solution provides unique, highly scalable per-session forensic watermarking for implementation of MovieLabs specifications for Enhanced Content Protection.

Las Vegas – April 2, 2014 – NAB – SeaWell Networks, a leader in multiscreen video delivery solutions, Thomson Video Networks, a global leader in advanced video compression solutions, and Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content today announce that they have collaborated to provide a multiscreen security framework by adding scalable, per-session watermarking for live linear and on-demand (VOD) multiscreen and over-the top (OTT) services. The joint multiscreen security solution will be on display at the 2014 NAB Show on Thomson Video Networks’ booth, SU2610, Civolution’s booth, SU3224 and SeaWell Networks suite at the Renaissance hotel adjacent to the LVCC.

Piracy and illicit re-streaming of service providers’ video content over the Internet is the fastest growing security challenge for the media industry today. With this solution, MSOs and OTT aggregators can offer high quality content including Ultra-HD versions of movie catalogs in their VoD service by complying with Hollywood studio recommendations for per-session watermarking, as defined in the MovieLabs specifications for Enhanced Content Protection, identifying the source of pirated copies.

Live or on-demand content prepared with Thomson’s ViBE™ VS7000 encoding/ transcoding platform integrates Civolution’s NexGuard™ camcorder robust video watermarking. This is performed independently from the video format (H.264 or HEVC) and the resolution (from low-resolution up to Ultra HD). Watermarked content is subsequently delivered to the CDN origin server in HLS ABR format to optimize storage and network caching.

SeaWell’s Spectrum™ Delivery Controller at the telco – or MSO-owned – CDN edge then organizes per-session watermarking based on Civolution’s NexGuard Smart Embedding technology.

This architecture dramatically reduces the cost of producing, storing and transmitting customized streams from a central location and allows the solution to scale effectively.

SeaWell’s edge server can also perform a range of additional capabilities such as re-packaging to another ABR format (Microsoft Smooth Streaming, mpegDASH), per-session encryption, targeted advertising, alternate content and policy enforcement.

“The end-to-end security solution with SeaWell and Civolution is an ideal demonstration of how our award-winning ViBE VS7000 can deliver protected content for linear and on-demand services, and in the full range of resolutions from H.264 to HEVC-powered Ultra-HD,” said Eric Gallier, V.P. of marketing, Thomson Video Networks. “Working together, the three solutions enable pioneering per-user capabilities, with per-session watermarking for the utmost content protection and targeted advertising to maximize monetization.”

“Our collaboration with SeaWell and Thomson Video Networks provides a unique and much needed content protection solution.” said Jean-Michel Masson, SVP Watermarking Solutions, Civolution. “No matter how a pirate captures the video – including with a camcorder – Civolution’s NexGuard online watermark detection service forensically identifies the source of the original stream, allowing for immediate action to stop the piracy. Imperceptible video watermarks uniquely identify each streaming session without impacting the viewer’s experience.”

“Thomson Video Networks’ industry-leading range of encoders and Civolution’s NexGuard watermarking technology both have a proven track record for delivering and protecting high value movie content and pay-TV services,” said Brian Collie, CEO of SeaWell Networks. “Our collaboration further improves our multiscreen security framework for service providers, allowing them to offer an efficient watermarking value-added service that established a complete chain of custody between their customers and broadcast partners.”

The solution will be on display at the 2014 NAB Show in Thomson Video Networks’ booth, SU2610, and in Civolution’s booth, SU3224. Both are in the South-Upper hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC). A demonstration will also be available at SeaWell Networks suite at the Renaissance hotel adjacent to the LVCC.