We take integrated communications from conception to delivery, enabling clients to drive sales, increase brand presence, build reputation, gain investment, attract talent and boost profitability.

Our starting point is to establish a productive and lasting collaboration with every client. We work closely together to understand each business: its audiences, products and services, values, strengths, pain points, and objectives.

We deliver insight on where clients fit in the wider ecosystem –  helping them establish their unique positioning, messaging strategies and brand. We work to identify the right target audiences and craft impactful stories that resonate across a mixture of communications channels.

“Platform has demonstrated a standout strategic approach based on deep insight into all the trends that matter most to our audiences.”

“If Platform don’t like it, it’s probably not a good idea.”

“The team delivers brilliant top-tier coverage and thought leadership that helps us stand out and boost sales. Their event and social media support have made a huge difference to our sales engagement.”

“Platform demonstrates a deep understanding of the market landscape, trends around 5G, and the communications opportunities we can tap into.”

“The team is brilliant to work with – they are always proactive and act as a true extension of our team.”

“Platform has a proven track record of helping technology businesses grow.”

“They’re pretty much a member of our team just with a different email address.”

“They are proactive, they are looking for opportunities for us all the time, and they act like they are invested in our success.”

“They have been instrumental in raising our industry profile.”

“Platform’s energy and quality of thought and output has really helped increase our sales momentum.”