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Social media is human-shaped [and like a great big Onion!].

I wanted to post videos of two of the most memorable presentations from the recent #140 Conference at the O2 Indigo.  The keynote was from actor, comedian and social commentator  Stephen Fry. One of the key messages to attendees was that social media is human-shaped [about interaction by individuals with individuals] rather than corporate-shaped. The message seemed to that that social media should be about building relationships with company advocates, rather than using it to make corporate pronouncements.

You can watch entire address here:

Stephen Fry addressing the #140conf in London

One of the other presentations that will stay with me for a long time was by Daren [surname], founder of, who talked about Serendipity and Social Media to illustrate how social media can have a tangible impact on both individuals and businesses.  Those of us who were there will also have Daren to thank for introducing us to a little-known Marvin Gaye musical number.

@darenBBC talking about the value of social media [and onions!]

Lyndon Johnson