Teletrax launches TV-Synced Campaign Analytics Service

Cannes, June 24th, 2015 – Teletrax, a Civolution company and the leading provider of real-time TV analytics and TV synchronized ads, today announced the launch of a new insights-driven analytics service which helps clients easily connect results from TV and online campaigns to better measure campaign performance.

The new Teletrax TV-synced Campaign Analytics tool provides advertisers and agencies with a deeper understanding of the performance of TV-Synced Ads campaigns as well as audience scale and engagement rates. It shows, for example, attribution of impressions per TV channel and TV spot to analyse campaign performance. The service is offered by Teletrax as part of its TV-Synced Ads platform.

Pim Hertogs, Product Manager Advertising Solutions, stated: “The Teletrax TV-Synced Campaign Analytics service helps clients clarify the economic value of TV-sync. Both historical (non TV-Synced) as well as actual TV-Synced digital campaign data can be analysed in relation to TV activity during similar time periods.”

“We believe this sophisticated tool will add value for both TV media planners and digital planners. It highlights when certain TV placements work better than others. It gives insights into the best performing creative in both TV and digital, and also how the KPIs stack up for the TV campaign itself in comparison to sync and non-synced campaigns.”

The new Teletrax Campaign Analytics service is on show during Cannes Lions this week and will be available to clients to trial as of next week.

“This is part of our ongoing commitment to release services and products that help align linear TV with digital marketing”, added Andy Nobbs, Chief Commercial Officer, Teletrax.Teletrax TV-synced campaign analytics service