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TV Câmara deploys Grass Valley Camera

Six LDX Premiere cameras and XCU base stations provide ultimate camera flexibility for coverage from Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies

 Hillsboro, Ore., March 26, 2014 — For ultimate camera flexibility and more appealing and creative coverage, TV Câmara, Brazil’s public television network, has purchased six LDX Première advanced imaging cameras and six XCU™ (eXchangeable Control Unit) base stations with triax transmission from Grass Valley®. The cameras will be used in TV Câmara’s news studio to capture important news broadcasts from the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies around the clock, seven days a week to millions of viewers across Brazil.

“Grass Valley came up with a competitive solution that really sets us apart from the competition,” said Luiz Flavio Menezes, Engineering Coordinator, TV Câmara. “The LDX Premiere camera offers the absolute best in sensitivity and picture quality, and it gives us the flexibility to switch between the 1080i and 720p formats on the spot. With the XCU cradle, we can easily move each camera from different locations. We’re very impressed with the overall flexibility of the new camera setup.”

The LDX Première is a high-performance dual format (720p/1080i) HD camera optimally built for a variety of broadcast applications. Its core technology is based on three Grass Valley Xensium-FT CMOS imagers, which enables the camera to deliver superb picture quality even in the most demanding of applications. LDX Première can be scaled up through GV-eLicense upgrades that expand the camera’s capabilities up to 1080p operation. The unique cradle system of the XCU works in tandem with the LDX. It can be pre-mounted and pre-wired in the rack, eliminating cabling errors when base stations are moved, while providing on-demand resources for fast-paced productions like TV Câmara’s news production. This adds greater overall flexibility and saves valuable time.

“We’ve enjoyed a lot of recent success in the Brazilian market, thanks to a growing broadcast sector and Grass Valley’s strong sales force in the region,” explained Felipe Andrade, Regional Sales Director, LATAM, Grass Valley. “We’re so pleased that TV Câmara can take advantage of the unique feature upgrades of the LDX series.  And combined with the XCU, they provide a smart investment that will enable TV Câmara to quickly meet the demands of its clients.”