V-Nova Partner Programme brings V-Nova PERSEUS™ Software & Solutions closer to regional service providers

  • V-Nova announces product availability through V-Nova Partner Programme
  • Link contribution solution allows broadcasters and operators to address surging demand for UHD/4K programming and sports
  • Partners in Europe and the Middle East increase product availability and reliable support

London, March 16, 2016 – V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, announced today that it has launched its V-Nova Partner Programme bringing V-Nova PERSEUS-powered products and support closer to its customer base.

The V-Nova Partner Programme combines the ground-breaking V-Nova PERSEUS Software & Solutions with the expertise and geographical proximity of local market leaders. The benefits to regional broadcasters, content and rights owners, and TV service providers will include better access to products and people, as well as a reduction in risk and overall better customer experience.

Companies that have joined the programme and are already making V-Nova products available to their market include:

  • United Kingdom         Techex, UK
  • France                           Metracom
  • Spain                             MoMe
  • Italy                               Communication Video Engineering (CVE)
  • Benelux                        Divitel
  • Finland                         MediaTrade
  • Middle East                 CVE

Products made available through the network of local partner companies include V-Nova’s “P.Link 4K”, a versatile software-based V-Nova PERSEUS contribution encoding and decoding system. P.Link 4K enables contribution at practical data rates using today’s infrastructure, allowing for cost-effective high-quality UHD/4K sports contribution and asset archiving. P.Link 4K was a critical part of the first ever Ultra HD transmission of the “El Clásico” match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“Less than a year after we announced the existence of V-Nova and V-Nova PERSEUS, we have launched solid broadcast products that enable new solutions and solve real problems,” said Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO & Co-Founder. “Through our partner programme, we are now ready to scale and take our products and support closer to our customers.”

V-Nova PERSEUS™ is a ground-breaking signal compression technology that enables data and video to be transported, stored and secured, faster and more cost effectively. The award-winning technology addresses the financial and operational challenges of the global explosion in network traffic by removing the need to wait for infrastructure upgrades.

“It is extremely exciting to be launching such a programme with local leaders in the TV & Media market. Our partners bring deep skills and industry expertise that will benefit our customers both commercially and operationally,” concluded Eric Achtmann, V-Nova Executive Chairman & Co-Founder.


About V-Nova

V-Nova is a London-headquartered software company providing advanced signal compression technology and software solutions to address the dramatic growth in global network traffic. V-Nova is at the heart of digitalisation, serving multiple industry segments, including TV & Media where it provides solutions spanning the entire media delivery chain, from UHD/4K contribution to distribution, to connected devices and set-top-boxes.

V-Nova’s award-winning PERSEUS™ technology closes the gap between evolving capacity needs and limitations associated with legacy compression technologies to process data and video in new ways. This means that data can be transported, stored and secured, faster and more cost-effectively, without the need for network upgrades. V-Nova is driving a new era in TV & Media with ground-breaking software solutions that shift the bitrate-quality curve to enable UHD at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at sub-audio bitrates.

V-Nova is empowering a growing number of customers and partners to differentiate their products, increase market reach, and provide new services, all within currently available bandwidth and infrastructure.

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