V-Nova’s IBC debut confirms: PERSEUS® is ready for Prime Time with Tier-1 partnerships and industry awards

  • PERSEUS® validated with CSI Award for Best Digital Video Processing Platform and NewBay IBC Best of Show Award, in addition to Best of Show at NAB 2015
  • Real-world demonstrations on 12 partner booths show game-changing PERSEUS applications across the whole media delivery ecosystem
  • Tier-1 partnerships confirm V-Nova’s move from ‘novelty’ to ‘reality’ in only 5 months

London, September 18, 2015 – V-Nova Ltd., a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announced that its IBC debut confirmed PERSEUS’ ability to transform the TV and media industry, and showed how the company has transitioned from a technical ‘novelty’ to commercial ‘reality’ in five months since its NAB launch.

V-Nova’s IBC debut started with the pre-show announcement of its successful trial with leading UK mobile innovator EE, to deliver highly efficient UHD/4K and HD video over EE’s advanced 4G network.

During IBC, V-Nova won two prestigious industry awards: the CSI Award for “Best Digital Video Processing Platform” and the IBC “Best of Show Award” from NewBay Media.  These awards build on the NAB Best of Show 2015 won by V-Nova days after its public launch.

“That a company can launch a radically new video compression technology and win such prestigious awards over a period of only five months is very exciting – and telling,” said Guido Meardi, V-Nova CEO & Co-Founder. “These awards are recognition that the market needs, and is demanding, a paradigm-shifting new codec solution deployable now to address its current and future challenges. Claims of new technology and incremental improvements, like those we have seen in current codecs, no longer suffice.  The market clearly wants working and supported products in deployment today.”

IBC saw widespread validation of the PERSEUS codec with the announcement of strong independent test results from IRT and the V-Nova consortium grew from 20 to 36 partners.  PERSEUS was featured in live demonstrations on 12 different stands at IBC, including solutions provided by Alcatel-Lucent, Elber, Encompass, Broadpeak, Hitachi Data Systems, Imagine Communications, NTT Data, NVidia, ST Microelectronics, Thomson Video Networks, VideoFlow, VisualOn, and Wyplay. These partner demonstrations showed how V-Nova’s open innovation approach benefits a wide range of video contribution and distribution applications from live event transport and remote production, through UHD broadcast, to efficient OTT and mobile video delivery.

“We are thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive reception we received from the industry at IBC,” said Eric Achtmann, V-Nova Executive Chairman & Co-Founder. “PERSEUS is at the beginning of what will be a very long journey, where we are already seeing integration in solutions from multiple Tier-1 companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, EE, Imagine Communications and NTT Data. This rapid and extensive activity demonstrates that PERSEUS far exceeds the capabilities of current codecs in solving current challenges and enabling new TV and Media business models. PERSEUS is also future proof as the industry moves to higher resolution and frame rates, like Full 4K and 8K, making PERSEUS an obvious choice.”

V-Nova’s PERSEUS is an advanced video compression technology that enables operators to differentiate their products, increase market penetration, and provide otherwise undeliverable services.  PERSEUS is based on the principles underlying human vision to deliver significant and simultaneous improvements in compression, picture quality, processing speed, latency and power consumption.  PERSEUS shifts the entire video bitrate-quality curve to enable UHD quality video at HD bitrates, HD at SD bitrates, and SD video at sub-audio bitrates.

V-Nova took part in the “Breaking the Codec: Are current video compression standards enough?” keynote session on September 13th. The session assessed the current status of the industry and acted as the conclusion to the codec discussions at IBC.  On September 13th, V-Nova’s CEO & Co-Founder Guido Meardi also hosted a presentation entitled “PERSEUS: The Future of Compression”in the Content Everywhere Hub, enabling the industry to better understand PERSEUS’ benefits.