Unlocking sales with analyst relations

By Sally Wilkins, Senior Account Director

Why don’t more media and technology companies embrace an analyst relations (AR) strategy to fuel their growth? It’s a question with no obvious answer because the value of AR cannot be understated. A clear, targeted, and highly strategic AR program can directly influence a company’s sales pipeline, delivering measurable business value. A sophisticated AR campaign goes beyond mere activity metrics, focusing on tracking the actual impact on business objectives. Simply counting analyst briefings throughout a campaign fails to capture the ultimate goal: bolstering a company’s bottom line through AR initiatives.

But how exactly does analyst relations achieve these outcomes and take your business to the next level?

A crystal ball for the tech industry
Analysts are in the business of knowledge, and the level of insight they have about the industry, on both a micro and macro level, is unique. By engaging with analysts, tech companies can benefit enormously from this knowledge in various ways. From competitor intelligence to emerging market trends and upcoming technological shifts that drive future profits, analysts offer invaluable perspectives. Most importantly, they provide an unbiased, neutral assessment of your brand and business, offering an external view that is crucial for refining strategies and product roadmaps. An engagement with an analyst should be reciprocal – while they will inquire about your business, seize the opportunity to pick their brains and glean market insights from them. 

Championing your business to the people that matter
AR works hand-in-hand with PR efforts by elevating brand visibility and targeting the right audiences. It extends beyond mere mentions in reports; analysts who deeply understand your business can advocate for it with both existing and potential customers. Leveraging analyst advocacy bolsters top-of-funnel marketing activities, providing essential validation. Given that analysts talk to your customers every day, you need to ensure they are armed with the right information and insights to showcase your business’s value.

Partner with analysts to drive business success and deliver the right GTM plan
An analyst’s nuanced understanding of your business and industry perception equips them to offer invaluable feedback on your go-to-market messages and marketing strategies. They serve as trusted partners, guiding adjustments to business plans based on market insights.  By aligning with analysts, businesses gain clarity on customer preferences and competitor positioning, while helping to inform your go-to-market strategies to stay ahead of the curve. 

Boost your bottom line by engaging with analysts on a long-term basis
Can analysts genuinely drive sales for you? The answer is yes. Potential buyers seek analyst guidance throughout the sales process, influencing their decisions at every stage. Cultivating long-term relationships with analysts ensures ongoing endorsements of your business and solutions, potentially tipping the scales in your favor when securing business deals.

The dynamic nature of the tech industry presents challenges in anticipating customer needs. A well-executed AR program addresses this by leveraging analysts’ insights to validate business strategies. Engage with the right analysts to ensure your strategies align with market demands and seize growth opportunities. 

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