Platform Communications Views

Leaving Las Vegas


There will be plenty of bleary eyed communications people heading back into the office today after the gargantuan NAB Show closed its doors in Las Vegas. The days after any big event can feel like a relief and the ideal moment to quietly sort through new business cards and count all your great media coverage and digital engagement. That would be a missed opportunity.

Post-show is the ideal moment to pool insights that will make your next big event an even bigger success. Here are 5 things to consider:

  1. Is your brand a part of an important industry debate? What was the big issue that your audiences were talking about? Did your spokespeople have a strong point of view on it? Should your brand be taking a leadership position on the topic? Were there any third-parties that you could align with to help tell a bigger story? Platform Communications will soon publish the NAB 2018 version of our Media Index, revealing the hot topics that the top global technology media covered at NAB. It’s a useful tool to help think about how your brand can gain greater attention.
  2. Does the communications team have the latest insight from customer discussions? As well as pooling insights from journalist, analyst and influencer meetings, it’s vital to wrap in customer insight – via the sales team. What were the blockers/ opportunities/ topics coming out of customer meetings at the show? How can communications help address them? Does the sales team need a different kind of content/ media coverage to help them continue their discussions? Are there new influencers that the communications team needs to reach?
  3. Is messaging on track? Does your messaging all still work? Does it need refreshing to support new audiences or proof-points? Is there a killer point that came up in a briefing that other spokespeople should know about?  
  4. Taking a 360º view. If your competitors were at the event too what did they speak about? What drove success for them? It’s a great time to make sure your communications stay ahead of the pack.
  5. Re-setting goals. Based on all your learnings, do your communications objectives still look like the right things to be focusing on?

If you were there, I hope you had a great NAB. If you’d like to discuss making the best from events, please drop me a line: