Platform Communications Client News

Re-shaping our working lives for the better

We’ve all had a total change in the way we work. At Platform, we’ve always had a flexible working structure but being entirely at home was never in our plans.

I’m incredibly proud of the way the team responded. Everyone has been massively supportive of each other throughout. Our clients told us we didn’t miss a beat in helping them adapt communications and that we continued to deliver outstanding results. We avoided furloughs and brought new team members on. We won eight new clients and expanded the ways that we support many of our existing clients.

A break from the joy of the London Tube/trains has been no bad thing, but we can’t wait to get back together again – as a team, with our clients and industry friends. Zoom and Slack (and many others) are great, but we’re longing to meet for a beer/ espresso martini and rack up the miles networking at trade shows.

Despite the new lockdown, vaccines mean that we should be able to start to get together before too long. We’re looking forward to it but aren’t planning on doing everything as we did before. We are fortunate that our office lease was coming to an end, so we’re able to take the opportunity to look for a much better space in central London. It will be an environment that’s better suited to a hybrid home/office working life, with excellent meeting spaces. We’re looking forward to finding a fantastic new home.

So, for now, it’s goodbye to Marylebone High Street and all its characters. It’s always been great for a bit of star-spotting! We can’t wait to share our new location in the coming months.

Stay safe, and hopefully, we’ll be seeing you for that drink soon.