Looking forward to ad:tech London

By Paul Davies

In Nick Liddell and Richard Buchanan’s excellent book, “Wild Thinking: 25 unconventional ideas to grow your brand and business”, Google’s David Benson is asked what should keep his clients up at 4am.

His response: “Am I moving fast enough?”

He goes on to state that businesses should also ask themselves:

“Am I learning fast enough?”

In an industry obsessed by data (and now AI), it seems the second question is the all-important one.  After all, data does not win business or create understanding of audiences – unless you know what to do with it (and, just as importantly, you use it responsibly).

We’re looking forward to ad:tech London (25-26 September) where 15,000 attendees will be hearing about the latest innovations that will facilitate better, more deeply informed and closely monitored marketing campaigns. There will be plenty of innovations that enhance the age-old pillars of successful marketing campaigns: insight, strategy, creativity and results.

Platform has been representing clients at the cutting edge of technology for over 20 years and has a huge amount of experience in devising and running successful campaigns.  The campaigns we run today and the strategies behind them are built on that experience, though of course the way we deliver and measure them – and the expectations of the client – are very different.

ad:tech London offers a great opportunity to meet others in the industry, share experiences and ask that all-important question: “are you learning fast enough?”

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