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The technology table stakes of NAB Show 2019 – Gay Bell

Going to a major trade event like NAB Show can be pretty daunting. Not least in terms of how you achieve a good ROI on your investment. Ensuring you are ahead of the curve and understand what the key trends of the show will be is a really good way of making sure your messages resonate with the audiences. However, cutting edge your technology it’s important that you work out how your solutions ‘fit’ with the mood and conversations on the show floor.

Broadcasters, operators, service providers and content owners are maneuvering to survive and win in an increasingly complex and competitive global media landscape. They are facing new challenges not only to their established advertising funded or pay-TV business models, but also increased fragmentation as they strive to meet consumers’ increasing demands for differentiated content, on the device of their choice and with ever-more immersive viewing experiences. We have witnessed the massive impact of the internet and mobile connectivity on the broadcast world and seen an explosion of new video technology companies such as video streaming platform providers emerging at the show. For the more established broadcast technology providers, NAB Show is the perfect place to demonstrate how they are re-engineering their businesses and driving a move from hardware to software and to the all IP world that will hopefully help them compete with new and often more nimble players.

So, what are the table stakes for NAB Show 2019? Here are my top ten trends (in no particular order)that I can see being hot at the show.

  • IP
  • 5G and the video killer app
  • Streaming video
  • Cloud based video platforms and virtualization
  • High resolution video – 4K/8K – UHD/HDR
  • eSports
  • VR/AR/Live 360
  • AI/Machine Leaning
  • Advanced Advertising
  • Data analytics and subscriber engagement

At Platform Communications, we have been supporting both large companies and start-ups at the show for over two decades. One of the biggest challenges is to create a communications strategy that ensures you can get noticed above the noise and cut-through with strong messages when there are hundreds of companies competing for a share of voice. You need to be part of the trends momentum with strong differentiation and a bold challenging messaging.

As we look forward to April in Las Vegas we can be sure that NAB Show will give us lots of think about and a great opportunity for networking, sharing experiences and catching up with old friends. I can’t wait to see what the show brings.

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