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Equality and Diversity – all talk, no action?

Gay Bell, Chief Executive of Platform Communications, is back producing and moderating her NAB Show panel on diversity and equality this year entitled Equality and Diversity – all talk, no action?.

Gender equality, equal pay, ethnic diversity and inclusion are hot topics in the media right now. But is it all just PR hype? Do companies really value the impact of diversity or is it a cynical concession to appease the voice of the equality debate and tick the right boxes?

A report by Deloitte shows that when employees ‘think their organization is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included’, their ability to innovate increases by 83%. But is there any real proof that the media and entertainment technology industry cares about driving a diversity agenda? For an industry dependent on innovation – facts such as the above should be a good enough and logical reason. But progress is slow. The white, male dominance of the TV and broadcast technology space is undeniable.

On this NAB panel, senior industry people debate the benefits for companies who embrace diversity and foster inclusion and discuss what is practically being done to accelerate the pace of equality.


  • Michelle Duke, Vice President, NAB Education Foundation
  • Mary Kay Evans, CMO, Verizon Digital Media Systems 
  • Neil Maycock, SVP Strategic Marketing, Grass Valley 
  • Saleha Williams, Digital Partner, Cognizant Media & Entertainment

The panel will take place at:

Connected Media IP Debating Theatre

South Upper Hall, SU10114

Tuesday, April 9th

10am – 10.45am 


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