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A day in the life of a Platform intern

Last September, I was continually checking my emails, anxiously waiting to see whether I had a reply from Platform and confirmation of my first real step into the world of communications. And then – bingo! I had secured my internship at the company, starting the following month. While the first few weeks of the internship were challenging on the one hand, it has been a really positive and exciting experience. So much so, that earlier this month I became Platform’s latest Junior Account Executive!

My very first challenge at the beginning was deepening my knowledge of the field in which our agency specializes: technology. I’m definitely someone who is interested in the latest gadgets, tablets and TVs but communicating the technical requirements of these technologies took time to learn. During the first few weeks, I mainly focused on researching and reading articles to understand my clients and more importantly, their products. After a few months and mainly thanks to my colleagues, I can impress my family and friends with some very techy words, stats and insights.

My educational background is in communications but sometimes it’s true what they say, you really need to get stuck in to truly understand and master something. Working with journalists gave me the perfect opportunity to develop these skills. Thinking back to when I was at university, I lived in my own bubble, working independently and only speaking to professors to ask specific questions or prepare for exams. What I really love about working at Platform is that you get in touch with journalists early on. Communications is the heart of the job, from working closely with my team mates through to journalists and event organizers.

I’ve always considered myself an organized person but working at Platform has definitely enhanced this skill – I am now a very accomplished multitasker, constantly jumping from one brief to the next! I currently work on five different accounts and I love how diverse they are, ranging from new start-ups to established corporate companies. I understand the importance of adapting the way I work to the needs of each individual client. Overall, it has been a great education in understanding the requirements of communications, marketing and public relations, and how they complement and differ from one another.

In general, internship programmes can be a mixed bag and I know that for some, it can prove an unfulfilling experience. At Platform, it has been anything but. Even in my first week, I started to read pitches and take part in regular practice sessions with my manager to develop and write my own. Our agency is really open to new suggestions and they make sure you’re happy with what you’re being taught and that you acquire and enhance a full range of new skills.

Last but not least, the team spirit is fantastic: you’re never left on your own. From my very first day in the office to the present, I’ve always had the support of my colleagues. They are ready to answer my questions, help and challenge me to constantly improve. They have also been quick to teach me one of the agency’s key values: “Work hard and play hard!”

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by Eleonora Iacuzzo, Junior Account Executive