Why analyst relations is pivotal to business success

Technology companies that don’t take analyst relations (AR) seriously are missing out on influencing the strategies and purchasing decisions of their customers and partners.

Can you afford not to invest in building better relationships with analysts when they are speaking to your customers every day?

We asked a cross-section of top analysts from GSMA Intelligence, IDC, Omdia, S&P Global (and more) for their views on the key trends shaping engagement with technology companies. We also talked about the common mistakes that companies make with analyst relations. Read the report to find out more about:

  • The changing landscape of AR and why it is more important than ever to business success
  • How to get the most out of AR for your business
  • How to create an AR programme for you that provides real value

Download ‘Why analyst relations is pivotal to business success’ to help take your AR strategy to the next level.

Platform Communications Report - Why analyst relations is pivotal to business success

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