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Red Bee Media appoints Platform as communications agency

London, 08 Feb 2022 – Red Bee Media, a leading global media services company, has appointed Platform as its communications partner. Platform will deliver consultancy alongside media relations support. The move follows a project brief for Platform to create new strategic messaging for Red Bee.

Red Bee enables broadcasters, streaming services, sports leagues, brands and rights owners to deliver amazing media experiences to millions of viewers every day. Its services are used to achieve a wide variety of goals from delivering flawless and accessible broadcasts of major sporting events to launching new streaming services with global reach and ensuring that content is made available and monetised all over the world.

“Platform worked with us to refresh our corporate messaging and also provided consultancy that helped us define our product strategy. We were very impressed by the insights they had on the market, our audiences and how to position ourselves for our next phase of growth. It was a great experience and I’m really looking forward to working with them as our communications agency going forward,” said Jesper Wendel, Global Head of Communications, Red Bee Media.

“Red Bee has incredible roots working with major broadcasters and streaming services around the world. Today, it helps a massive array of different content providers to deliver amazing media experiences and open up new business models. We’re really looking forward to working with the Red Bee team to tell more stories about the future of news, sport and entertainment,” said David Lawrence, Managing Director of Platform Communications.